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Golf League Now is the most advanced golf league software, period.

We offer a comprehensive scoring/handicapping system for golf leagues of all types.

Our software is very reasonably priced and super easy to use. This software was developed in large part through customer feedback to make it the best it can be.

Try a fully interactive free demo without signing up and see what the software can do for your league. We are confident that once you see how superior our software is to anything else on the market you'll be hooked.

We develop and improve the software every single week, so while the other guys offer obsolete software developed years ago, at Golf League Now the best just keeps getting better!


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About Golf League Now

Our software (leaguemgr, pronounced "league manager") has been developed for golf leagues, by an experienced league founder. Leaguemgr has been in continuous use since 2007 and has evolved massively since then to meet the needs of leagues like yours. Many leagues throughout the United States have downloaded the standalone leaguemgr software project (now discontinued) and provided their helpful feedback and feature suggestions (and plenty of kind praise) to help improve leaguemgr. Every comment from users of the standalone leaguemgr software project was carefully considered and eventually incorporated into the software. But unfortunately the requirement that a league must host the software themselves had always been a barrier to many leagues that would gain a substantial benefit from its use. So, over the course of several months, the software was adapted to support a centralized network of leagues from a single host. Now, with Golf League Now, anyone with Web access can use leaguemgr and become a part of something great in the golf community!

Why Join A League?

The concept of a league (or club as the USGA® refers to them) is the cornerstone of the USGA® handicapping process. Leagues encourage greater participation in our beloved sport of golf, awareness of the Rules and procedures of golf, fair play among golfers of different skill levels, and a greater sense of community within the sport. We've never had a golfer tell us that they'd rather play alone than be part of a league that fits their lifestyle. As millions of golfers can testify, golfing in a league is just more fun. We realize that there are a multitude of online handicapping services an individual can join and establish an "official handicap". However, the validity of such a handicap is dubious at best because the handicapping process is centered around the concept of leagues and peer review. Frankly, if you signed up for a handicapping service as an individual and you're not being required to play regularly with other golfers or have your scores reviewed by other golfers, you don't have a USGA Handicap Index®, you have an unofficial handicap that cannot be used anywhere and isn't good for anything except a general measurement of your ability. Golf League Now offers an opportunity to establish or join a league so that you have an opportunity to play regularly with other golfers. We leave it up to you to take the final step to make your league officially authorized to issue Handicap Indexes® by the USGA®, but we'll handle the rest, and by using Golf League Now to run a successful league, no one can question the validity of your Handicap Index®.


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